About us

Wood Pressed Oils & Co.

Wood Pressed Oils & Co. plays a leading role of “Live Oil Extraction” in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Wood-Chekku Oil. We believe in Quality Products made from our State of the Art Technology.

Our “Ghaani”; has been shipped from Coimbatore to give everyone the real experience of Pure & Natural Oil. Our machine can crush all kinds of oil seeds like Sesame, Sunflower, Peanut, Mustard; even exquisite oils like Almond, Walnut, Moringa, Onion Black Seed Oil, Flaxseed and many more. Our high-quality oil products and efficient services to our valued customers have enabled us to serve the best and hold that faith in our brand. We specialize in Coconut Oil as we source the best coconuts available in South of India to be able to reach the market of Gujarat, especially people of Ahmedabad.

We at WPOC believe that just taste is not our motto, but health is too. With this belief, we have ensured highest level of Quality and Hygiene Standards to service the best of the best. Our “Back To The Roots” saying will finally come true, as we will be experiencing the Purest Of Oil available in the market; made in room temperature by adapting ancient methods.

Our high-quality seeds have been sourced from local farmers. They are pesticide free and high on nutrients. These locally sourced raw materials processed through our Wood Pressed Method will ensure that the oil contains all it’s nutrients and hence, be rich in antioxidants. We are also proud to announce four more products in the list; sourced from the South of India that will ease the life of Coconut Lovers.

We are very keen and happy to serve the people to the best of our abilities. With this love and warmth we would like for all to enjoy a happy and healthy life by adapting Wood Pressed Oils in their lives.


Being a Woman Entrepreneur, starting my own business, being independent is what I have always wanted to do and achieve. I had many ideas along the way and my father always supported me in all my ambitions’ however nothing materialized. But one fine day I had an idea from someone who is now my partner in the business; of Wood Pressed Oils or as we say Kacchi Ghaani Oil. She was selling in a small amount home to home and got great response. I got an idea to sell this under a brand and have our own production unit for quality standards to be maintained. To create a one-stop shop for people to buy Wood Pressed Oil which are Pure & Natural. I wanted transparency between customer and the brand hence, the Live Extraction Method where they can shop and watch their product being made right in front of their eyes. I am not only sourcing the finest quality of seeds but also the best A1 graded coconuts from South and selling them fresh/frozen pre-peeled and diced for people to savor and experience the best. This unique concept has never been tried before in Ahmedabad and so I was excited to introduce it to everyone. Here I own my own brand, sell what I believe in and can personally use. In near future, I am working on introducing more products under our brand that will be unique to the crowd in terms of quality and availability.

“Seeing Is Believing”