Wood Pressed Oils & Co.

Refined Oils

Cold Pressed Oils

Expeller Machine Wooden Ghaani
High Temperature Extraction Low Temperature Extraction Room Temperature Extraction
Palm Oil Mixing Sometimes Mixing Done No Palm Oil Mixing
Filtered Sometimes Filtered Un-Filtered
Bleach/Chemicals Used Some Use Chemicals Chemicals are Never Used
Preservatives Added Sometimes Preservatives Added No Preservatives Added
No Nutritious Benefits Some Nutrition Intact Highly Nutritious
No Aroma or Flavour Little Aroma & Flavour Pure Aroma & Flavour
Risks Multiple Health Problems Fewer Health Problems Many Health Benefits & Boosts Immunity
Thin Texture (Would Use Double The Oil) Medium Texture (Would Use Oil As Required) Highly Thick/Viscous (Would Use Half The Quantity Oil Required)
Factory Processed Oil Machine Processed Natural Oil Age-Old Method Used for Purest & Natural Oil